[Icarus] Erros when running IcarusEdgeSim

From: Hamza Ben Ammar <hamza.ben_ammar_at_univ-lr.fr>
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2020 11:06:53 -0000

Hello everyone,

I am trying to run the IcarusEdgeSim simulator
(github.com/oascigil/IcarusEdgeSim), which is based on ICARUS. I had no
problems installing and running ICARUS but I can not run IcarusEdgeSim.
Using Ubuntu 18.04, I followed the instructions and the specific
versions of the packages to use as indicated (python 2.7, networkx 1.6,
etc.) without success. I also tried multiple versions of the packages to
be used but it did not work.

An example of the errors that I'm facing
are attached to this mail (screenshots), each one of them was obtained
by commenting each time the line codes generating the previous error. I
think it may be related to mismatches between the packages versions and
the code used in the simulator. If anyone could help me please, it would
be much appreciated.

Best regards,

- Hamza

Postdoctoral Researcher at

(image/png attachment: error_1.png__size_37957)

(image/png attachment: error_3.png__size_178639)

(image/png attachment: error_2.png__size_81914)

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