Re: [Icarus] Icarus - how to add new forwarding/routing strategy?

From: Ascigil, Onur <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 16:10:05 +0000

Hi Jo,

Icarus does not have node-level forwarding modules (like FIB tables) to enter forwarding strategies, because it is a flow-level simulator (as opposed to packet-level).

Having said that, you can still implement your node-level forwarding logic within your Strategy class. Example strategy classes are in icarus/models/strategy folder.


On 6 Feb 2018, at 20:34, 조성균 <<>> wrote:

Dear Icarus experts,

I’m trying to test new forwarding/routing strategy using Icarus. (apply different routing policy per node)
But I think there is no defined FIB related module(or function) in Icarus. Correct?
Then do I manually add new policy into individual node?

Please let me know if you have better idea.

Thanks in advance,

S Jo

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